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Pics from my Mother's visit to Tokyo....

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tokyo Sedition Meet Up Unreleased!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Post Your Hate Elsewhere

An Era Opinion
By The Era

I woke up today and started my morning routine.
Turned on the heater and computer, and then into
the kichen for my morning coffee. I plopped myself
down in front of the computer and started reading
the news.

One blog I visit everyday is Crooks and Liars. One of the top stories of the day was indeed quite astonishing. A Fox News affiliate in South Carolina produced a report that was somewhat favorable of an internet forum site Stormfront that preaches white supremacy. I was shocked to see a "reputable" news channel report a story in this manner. I guess it's not that shocking because it did come from a news source I find less than reputable. But, the fact is, many Americans get their news from Fox and this just shouldn't be happening.

But this is not my point.

I have my own news site where I post articles I find interesting.
One story I posted a few days ago came from another great website
The Raw Story. A story I posted was about the UN General Assembly adopting an anti-Nazi resolution, initiated by Russia. Some 114 countries supported the document, with 4 states against and 57 abstentions. The resolution expressed a serious concern about the growing activity of extremist,racist and xenophobic organizations in the world. The U.S. was of the only four countries that voted against this. I was surprised that the U.S. had voted against this.

While reviewing my site and looking into the archived stories I came
upon this exact story which now had a comment. I don't get nor do I expect, many comments so, when there is one, I look at it.

I opened up the comment page and read what the poster had left behind
for me. But, comment it wasn't. The person posted anonymously and left nothing but a series of links that looked like news headlines. I curiously clicked on one and guess where it took me....

That's right, Stormfront. I was disgusted.

So, for whoever left the comment on my page. Post your hate elsewhere.
I don't agree with the site you support. I think you need help.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Something Strange Here: An ERA Observation

There was something very odd about the article printed by the Associated Press today about Dick Cheney's surprise visit to Iraq. Why such secrecy? The Prime Minister of Iraq didn't even know about it. I'm not saying this is a load of propaganda or anything, or wait, maybe I am saying that. I mean look at the wording.

Take a look at these quotes from two different articles. Quotes are taken from a Dec. 6th article on the official North Korean News site regarding Kim Jong Il inspecting a unit in North Korea. The other is from today's AP article regarding Dick Cheney's secret visit to Iraq. Is there much of a difference?

"The participation levels all across the country were remarkable,'' Cheney told reporters after an hourlong briefing from the war's top military commanders. ''And that's exactly what needs to happen as you build a political structure in a self-governing Iraq that can unify the various segments of the population and ultimately take over responsibility for their own security.''

He expressed satisfaction over the fact that the unit is training officers and men as a-match-for-a hundred stalwart fighters by successfully building modern drill ground to suit the content and nature of training and widely applying the latest apparatuses to it.

The vice president visited with Iraq's leaders and military commanders in the Green Zone, saw an Iraqi troop training demonstration at Taji air base, lunched with soldiers who provided security for Thursday's election and gave a speech to troops.

He called on all units to pay primary attention to the combat and political training, noting that intensified combat training provides a basic way of bolstering the strength of the matchless army and the master key to training the soldiers as a-match-for-a hundred fighters.

He saw rows of housing for soldiers at Camp Victory fortified by concrete walls. Smoke for the trash fires burning throughout the occupied city drifted up toward his chopper.

Going round the compound of the barracks, he learned about the unit's management. Watching the compound of the barracks and their surroundings that match well the compound kept spick-and-span, he said this is fantastic scenery which can be seen in the era of Songun. He highly praised the servicepersons of the unit for having radically changed the appearance of the unit in a few years.

While Cheney was surrounded by U.S. forces guarding him with guns at the ready, the Iraqi soldiers had no weapons but held their arms out like they were carrying imaginary guns.

The Associated Press Article can be found here http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/international/AP-Cheney-Iraq.html
The North Korean article can be found here http://www.kcna.co.jp/index-e.htm Look into the archives and search out Dec. 6th.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mourning Morning Sedition

By The Era
An ERA Editorial
December 12th, 2005

Air America Radio began on March 31st, 2004. I was very interested in this new network's possibilities in changing what was going on in the political atmosphere. I listened the very first day. I was amused to hear Al Franken and disgusted with Randi Rhodes treatment of Ralph Nader. The Majority Report stood it's ground as the liberal show it should be.

Morning came and there was the "Morning Sedition" and "Unfiltered". These were strikingly different shows. Chuck D, Rachel Maddow, Lizz Winstead were the hosts on 'Unfiltered' ,and Mark Riley and Marc Maron have been the hosts on 'Morning Sedition.' I thought, this is great, Chuck D! Man, I grew up on his music. He is a great voice of my generation. Mix in the wit and intelligence of both Maddow and Winstead, and Unfiltered was a definite listen for me nearly everyday. Morning Sedition was of the same ilk. Marc Maron, a comedian, author, and an inexperienced radio host paired with Mark Riley whose well grounded opinions and long time radio experience made him the perfect counter to Maron's hilarious rantings. Unfiltered was canceled in March of 2005.

I admit I was and am an AAR junkie.

In July of 2004 my Father passed away. This was a very difficult time for me. I live and teach in Japan and I couldn't make it home, but I did get back for Christmas. August in Tokyo is extremely hot and I hate the heat. So, over the summer, I laid in my steam filled dark room and listened. Morning Sedition and Unfiltered became my best friends. They made me laugh when I was crying inside. When the election season started they amped me up to become more involved and speak out. I'm sure this was annoying to friends and family at times but I think they caught the bug too. The election ended and Bush "won" again. I was shocked. How could this be?

I woke up and my bed was filled with Marc Maron's voice.

But this wasn't the Maron I knew, the comedian turned inexperienced radio host ranting like a reluctant messiah. No, there was a strength and power to his voice now that I didn't get before. His deathly honest commentary and thoughts hit me like a silver bullet. Maron doesn't pretend to know everything and he always questions the so-called facts. He has grown into a rising force in the political radio world. Nobody has anything on Maron because along with the serious he also brings the 'funny'. The comedy writing and bits presented by Maron, Riley, Jim Earl, Kent Jones and Barry Lank are edgy, smart and hilarious. Add in the rest of the team, Pashman, Mcdonald and K-Lo and you get what can only be called brilliant.

Liken the show to another great, The Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, but mix in the cutting edge of Richard Pryor type comedy, the rebellious music of The Velvet Underground, and the political jargon of John Lennon, and you get Morning Sedition.

This brilliant show is to be canceled and Marc Maron's contract is still under negotiations.

I and other listeners, and bloggers tried in vain to save this show, but the corporate big wigs at AAR didn't listen. It's a real shame. That is why I'm mourning Morning Sedition.
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